Student Onramp Strategies For Comprehension
Student Onramp Strategies™ are explicit lessons in metacognition designed to make visible the invisible processes that good readers use to comprehend text.   The lessons provide direct instruction and guided practice in active comprehension processes such as predicting, visualizing, clarifying, questioning and summarizing.   Good readers learn quickly how to employ these processes with (or without) direct instruction.  Struggling readers need additional, explicit, step-by-step guidance (Onramp Strategies) in how to successfully appropriate comprehension processes while reading.

Can these lessons be used with content other than Language Arts?
Yes!  Student Onramp Strategies™ have the greatest impact on student learning when they are used throughout the instructional day, across content areas.   For example, students can distinguish between want to know and need to know questions when reading social studies or science texts, and reflect on their interacting voice versus their distracting voice when engaging in challenging math tasks. 

Are Student Onramp Strategies only designed for struggling students?
No.  These lessons teach students how to think and this information is valuable for all students.  However, struggling readers are most in need of these strategies because they cannot make inferential leaps on their own.

For what grade levels are the Student Onramp Strategies intended?
Sierra Educational Consulting has written different Student Onramp Strategies™ lessons for students in grades K-12.

  • Large Group Presentations
  • Small Group Facilitation
  • One-on-one Coaching
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