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I've become an author!  I've written a series of 14 decodable non-fiction booklets that are now available from Teachers Pay Teachers

If you're not familiar with Teachers Pay Teachers, it's an online marketplace where teachers can share materials they've created for the classroom, and other teachers can buy and download these resources for use in their own teaching. 

Click on the book covers on the left to view or download two examples of resources I've just published on TPT

While there are lots of phonics and decoding resources out there, it's much harder to find non-fiction decodable text for beginning readers, so that's what I've created.  Because these booklets contain actual photos (mostly taken by my husband and myself), rather than drawings, they can be suitable both for young children and for teens and adults learning to read in English.

There are three titles you can download for free on the TPT website: Alphabet Animals A-M, Alphabet Animals N-Z, and Colors in Our World
Each title comes in two versions:

There are also sets of titles that you can purchase.  Each set focuses on a particular phonics skill.

To access all my titles in TPT, go to their website: www.teacherspayteachers.com, and type in my name, Cindy Kratzer, on the search line.

Or, here's the direct link to my store page in Teachers Pay Teachers: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Browse/Search:cindy%20kratzer

Download: Book 1 A Cat, a Bat, and a Rat

Download: Colors in Our World

I hope you and your students enjoy these resources, and I welcome your feedback!
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