Our Mission
We are a team of professional developers with the single goal of providing the highest quality professional development possible in order to increase teacher and student learning. We recognize that adult learning, like student learning, requires a differentiated approach. We therefore make it a priority to collaborate with our clients and create a customized plan for professional development that directly addresses the needs of schools and districts. We measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients, as well as observable gains in student achievement.
Our Commitment To Our Clients
At Sierra Educational Consulting we strive to:

1.  Customize the professional development  we provide to teachers, schools and districts

2.  Deliver the very best professional development possible by providing technology and resources that support adult and student learning

3.  Synthesize research findings for classroom application, making current research accessible for teachers

4.  Measure the effectiveness of our work through student achievement results
Professional Development Structures
  • Large Group Presentations
  • Small Group Facilitation
  • One-on-one Coaching
Lesson Link Research-based PD linking teacher learning to classroom practice
Student Onramp Strategies (SOS) Explicit Lessons in Metacognition
Reporting on results data
Helping teachers use data
Collecting data for external evaluation