Customized Professional Development - How We Do It
How Do We Customize our Professional Development?

Our goal at Sierra Educational Consulting is to customize the professional development we provide to schools and districts. To this end, we adhere to the following steps in planning the professional development we provide to our clients:

1.    Initial Intake Interview: We begin our work with a detailed phone or email conversation in which we ask you to share the focus area and goals for your staff's professional development and learning.

2.    Gathering Resources: We review the data you have shared from your school or district, and gather current research in your selected focus area.  We then create and compile user-friendly, accessible resources to share with your staff. 

3.    Customized Plan with Feedback Loops: We provide you with a professional development sequence tailored to your site or district's learning goal and needs.  We build in regular opportunities for feedback and revision.

4.    Program Evaluation and Progress Monitoring: We offer the option of program evaluation, data analysis, and progress monitoring in order to determine the impact of new learning on teacher practice and student achievement.

  • Large Group Presentations
  • Small Group Facilitation
  • One-on-one Coaching
Professional Development Structures